Why does Animal Crossing: New Horizons need a new update?

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Why does Animal Crossing: New Horizons need a new update?

Since its launch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has achieved great success and exceeded all ACNH Items expectations. This is because the series has many long-term fans who are eagerly looking forward to its landing on the Switch. When people were unable to meet in person during quarantine, New Horizons formed communities and friendships all over the world. Many players can live a happy and peaceful life in the game.

This enthusiasm combined with the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect environment for the success of the champion. So, for several months, this game has been at the forefront and center of popular culture. However, it has been more than a year since the explosive release of New Horizons. Some old players have already experienced all the seasonal content offered throughout the year. The lack of game content began to make players complain and even chose to leave.

Although Nintendo promised to continue to support the game with new content and updates, the company did not fully comply. It is true that due to the Animal Crossing Bells pandemic, many players are able to browse game content faster, but the fact remains that there was not much content to browse in the beginning. Because New Horizons has gained so much hype and then disappointed so many people, what does this mean for its sequel? New Horizons urgently needs some new content.

Currently players can do too few things in New Horizons. If players have decorated their islands impeccably in the game, they have no reason to continue playing. Although players can perform some daily activities in the game, such as digging fossils, collecting resources, talking with villagers, and finding daily information in bottles.

But for players who have been playing for a year, they are likely to have completed the construction of the island, without the need to make resources or DIY. And, all the fossils have been found. There are very few dialogues among the villagers, and most of the dialogues are repeated several times. This is why Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs a new update.